June 2015 Promotions

The City Club Casino believes that casino gaming is not like a one night stand or one day affair; we believe that casino gaming is a life-long love that needs to be cherished and cared for. To support that advocacy, we present to you the City Club Casino June 2015 Promotions; wherein we will boost your casino gaming endeavours all year long.

Lifetime bonuses from us
Numerous City Club Casino review commentaries often remark our casino’s remarkable generosity and unwavering support towards our players. We celebrate that achievement and remain true to our vision as we hold the coming City Club Casino June 2015 Promotions.

As a major highlight of this event, we will be giving away bonuses and rewards to our ardent casino gamers. Starting from the generous 400% City Club Casino bonus of up to €600 when you make an account with us, we will also continue to grant you bonuses every week. For one (1) year, those bonuses will amount to a grand total of €5800!

See below for the quick rundown of details for this awesome City Club Casino promotions offer:

  • Initial welcome bonus – When you register with us as a new player, we will match your first deposit with an incredible 400% bonus amounting to a maximum of €600. For instance:
    • €100 [your deposit] + (100 * 4.00 [City Club Casino bonus]) = €500 [total amount credited to your account]

Yes you got that right mate; with our initial welcome bonus, you can play lots and lots of casino games already, using our intuitive City Club Casino Download software platform. Who knows how much you can win with that €500? There’s plenty to gain so don’t be afraid and just enjoy the game.

  • Weekly bonus – After the initial welcome bonus, we’re certain that you will be coming back for more, because the City Club Casino games are truly very entertaining. As such, we will support your gaming passion every week, with a 100% bonus of up to €100 when you make a deposit. That’s a total of €5200 for the whole year’s 52 weeks! For example:
    • €100 [your deposit] + (100 * 1.00 [City Club Casino bonus]) = €200 [total amount credited to your account]

Do not let this very enticing offer pass you by! Join Us Now, and partake in the City Club Casino June 2015 Promotions!




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