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City Club Casino has many payment methods which players can use to manage their account funds., deposit and withdraw money. Obtaining one of City Club Payment Methods as a main payment method is essential for players who wish to play City Club Casino and enjoy the wide variety of City Club Casino Games. City Club MasterCard is one payment method featured at City Club Casino. Players who wish to play using City Club MasterCard should first register with their MasterCard and then provide City Club with additional personal details in order to make sure that they are in fact the rightful owners of the registered MasterCard.

City Club MasterCardThere is however a downsize to the use of City Club MasterCard and that is the fact that some banks prohibit any monetary interaction with online gaming sites and online casinos thus preventing their customers from using City Club MasterCard as a payment method at City Club Casino. This is why we recommend the use of an e-wallet service as a payment method such as City Club PayPal and City Club Neteller which are as safe and secure as City Club MasterCard but pose much less restriction on their users in terms of interacting with online casinos.

Money will usually appear right away upon depositing, allowing the players to get on with their game and enjoy our City Club Online Casino. But there is no way to withdraw funds or winning from one’s City Club account due to new policies issued by credit card companies which deny customers from withdrawing funds originated at online casinos. A different payment method other than City Club MasterCard should be used and in that case an e-wallet service is recommended.

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