City Club Payment Methods

In order to play City Club Casino Games a player must use a valid payment method which would allow him or her manage the account’s funds in terms of depositing and withdrawing money. Most City Club Payment Methods are credit cards and e-wallets which are the most recommended types of payment methods as they are safe, secure and easy to use and monitor. This type of City Club Payment Methods is preferred but City Club Casino as it makes it easier for the support team to verify the player’s identity and prevent any City Club Casino Scam from occurring. On the other hand, cryptocurrency payments are also welcome. This means a larger coverage for the City Club Casino games and services.

There are other City Club Payment Methods in the form of prepaid cards and money wiring services. Players can purchase prepaid cards in kiosks, supermarkets, petrol stations and book stores. These cards bear a stated amount of funds and can be used by submitting their s/n in to the players account but there is no way of withdrawing funds using this one way payment method. Online money wire transactions allow players to deposit money without revealing their credit card or bank account details. Players will deposit money and withdraw money using the money wire verification code which constantly changes from transaction to transaction.

All of these City Club Payment Methods are perfectly safe and secure and comply with the strict standards issued by the licensing gaming commission. In addition, City Club Online Casino operates a highly secured funds and billing systems which is aimed at preventing any faults.

Again, since City Club Casino has a spectrum of payment options you can choose from, you don’t have to look for Ethereum exchange platform or Bitcoin exchanges before you can start playing the amazing games. All you have to do is check out the cryptocurrency-accepting payment methods available on the site, convert your cryptocurrency coins, and start betting.

We recommend the following City Club Payment Methods as safe, secured and easy to use:

City Club Neteller
City Club Visa
City Club MasterCard
City Club Moneybookers

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