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City Club Casino features one of the most popular casino games at the City Club Keno section. Keno is a game of chance and luck but also a game of sheer excitement and fun. It’s conducted much the same way as lottery with a given pool of numbers from which numbers are drawn to compile an array of winning numbers. Keno usually features 80 numbers in the pool when 20 numbers are picked in each and every draw. If a player at City Club Keno managed to pick out all 20 then the grand prize is guaranteed in accordance with the bet placed prior to the draw.

City Club KenoIf a City Club Keno player managed to pick 16, 17, 18 or 19 numbers than he or she are also entitled for a win. The payout is smaller than the 20 number pick nevertheless players have much more chances picking out 16 and 17 numbers which would win them some handsome prizes. Playing City Club Keno at City Club Online Casino is something every online casino player should try at least once. It is fun, easy to play and will fill out hours and hours of fun playing City Club Keno when even small stakes can produce large winnings.

If you want to play City Club Keno or have a go at other City Club Casino Games then go to City Club Download page and download the latest version of our casino software. Install it on your computer, register your account at City Club Online Casino and your all set to play at City Club.

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City Club Casino also feature a flash version of the casino software for players who are not keen of downloading and installing the software or simply wish to keep their gaming discrete. The flash version works with any web browser and from anywhere the player may be. If you wish to play using the flash version then register your player’s account at City Club Casino and choose the flash version.

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