City Club Bonus Code

A player who wants to get onto the City Club casino can take advantage of a simple City Club bonus code. This can be used to give anyone a great amount of money that can be used on the casino. All of this money can be used for free as well.

The City Club bonus code is designed with the casino’s welcome bonus in mind. This bonus involves a player getting a 400% bonus on one’s first deposit. This is regardless of whether the player is going to use American dollars, Euros or British pounds as the currency that will be used on the site.

The City Club casino uses a simple promo bonus code for this special. A player can simply go to the registration site and enter in the coupon code cityclub to get this bonus.

The player can easily find the spot on the City Club casino for entering in this City Club bonus code. This is listed underneath the currency that will be used and labeled in the Coupon Code box. The name might be different in varying countries that use different languages for playing the game. This is a good idea to review when getting the casino ready for playing.

This can work for any type of currency that a player deposits money with. These include such currencies as the pound, Euro, American, Canadian or Australian dollar, the Danish kroner or South African rand among many others.

All of the policies for using the City Club bonus will have to be used when getting the City Club bonus code to work. These include such standards as wagering at least twenty times the value of the bonus and the money that was deposited in the casino the first time around. Also, slots are the only games that can be used when this bonus is being handled. Anything that involves doing more outside of these games can result in a player forfeiting the bonus and all of the money that was won off of it.

Also, the bonus will be limited in value. A player can get a city club bonus of up to $400 off of this bonus code. This is a limit that is used with fairness in mind.

It is great to see these things when getting the City Club bonus code to work. The easy to handle City Club casino can be great for anyone to use when getting a great type of bonus to work. This is something that will be very smart for anyone to use. This comes from how a player is going to get a good deal when getting ready to play all sorts of games on the City Club casino.




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